Soap, anybody?

Over the past few months, if you’d have hung out around Grampari you likely would have caught me stirring away some odd mixture wearing gloves and safety goggles. Or perhaps carefully drawing out lines on planks of plywood and then using a tablesaw to make some molds. All in the name of soap.

Last weekend was quite exciting. Our livelihoods coordinator conducted a soap class in a neighboring village with very little assistance from me. This may not sound like much, but it was really neat to know that the past few months of hard work is starting to pay off. A few months ago nobody in our organization knew much of anything about soap making or marketing. Over the course of a couple months I was able to take the idea of introducing soap making as a hygiene promotion and income generation activity and make it a reality. Not only in teaching myself how to do it (thanks, internet) but also getting the initiative to a point where the long-term local staff here can conduct workshops themselves by creating detailed training and instructional materials. This is key since my time here is only temporary and is slowly coming to an end.

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