Grampari Computer Workshop


Recently Grampari had computer/internet workshop. The workshop was for the girls of Abhepuri village. After discussion with the Nilam Mandhre, the sarpanch of the village, we mutually decided to have this kind of workshop. This workshop had two objectives.

  1. to build the web presence of Abhepuri.
  2. to make the girls learn internet and social media related technology.
Computer workshop
Girls working hard to complete their website.

The three day workshop was designed in a manner that the participants learn by ‘doing’. Hence they learned how to use the internet, how to communicate via internet and how to give ‘voice to their village’ by creating their mail addresses, going through the maps, reading the news, blogs etc., and creating a blog for their village. Before coming for the workshop, they had collected the relevant information about their village. To view their blog go to

In addition to the computer related sessions, they also had a Warli painting workshop and some sessions of the core values of IofC. To know more about Warli paintings, watch the video given below.


The workshop ended with the trip to the famous Panchgani Table land. The feedback tells us that they had a wonderful time here and they enjoyed what they learned. They also said that they would use the internet for the development of their panchayat (governance), their agriculture and their education. We left it up to them on how would they do it. We are sure, they would find their own way!

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