Organic Garden at Grampari

We’ve started round 2 of our organic garden at Grampari!  This year’s menu includes tomatoes, chillies, onions, garlic, eggplants and cabbages!  The tomato seedlings we’ve transplanted to the garden are volunteer plants that just popped up around the edges of the field: free and locally adapted!
The purpose of this organic garden is not just to grow and enjoy fresh produce but also to act as a demonstration piece; we will soon have a guided organic garden tour for the participants at Grampari.
We’re demonstrating lots of different ideas.   For instance the plants are planted zigzag as opposed to a straight line so that all of them receive direct sunlight. The beds are made in such a way that each plant is accessible without stepping over the other. Using mulch like straw around the plants keeps the weeds down, reduces water needs, and feeds the soil. Growing grasses like lemon grass around the garden to keep mosquitoes away naturally is another demonstration idea.
Our interns (including a landscape architect from California and an environmental philosopher from Pune) are also training our long term staff in order to ensure that sustainable use of these techniques.
Stay tuned for more news and pictures as the garden progresses!

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