Latest from Grampari

There are a few new things happening in Grampari.


Two villages have started having times of silence in their village, Jarewadi and Rajpurewadi. They have a quiet time in their temple. After the Arti   the whole village has a quiet time about what needs to change in their personal life and then what they need to do for their village. The stories of change and innovative ideas for the village are amazing.


The week long religious festival called Sapthha takes place in every village. Jarewadi on their invitation for this event calls itself, “an environment friendly village of times of silence”. The four standards are also mentioned and slogans like if I change my village will change. All this has replaced the pictures of the local politicians and they say they want to be responsible for the development of their village.

They also decided to change the age old custom of only the men having the honor of playing the Tanpura and gave a day for the women to take it in turns.

Deepak Jadhav had the thought that we should have a specified day and time when the villagers could come for a quiet time to Grampari in the morning. Wednesday morning was decided and for the last 5 Wednesdays  15 to 20 people are coming for the quiet time to Grampari. Some people are regulars others are giving chance for new people to come to understand quiet time. The impact on individuals is huge.


It is also a challenge for the Grampari team to have innovative ways of making this time meaningful and fun.  Often it is the villagers from the village who have taken steps of change who conduct the meetings. One of the meetings conducted by Vishal Bagade in which he made a graph of his life with  the ups and downs got the women  sharing their stories something the women don’t do in public. It was an eye opener for the men and a healing exercise for the women who shared. None of us could control our tears.   Ganesh Pujari keeps the sessions fun with his innovative games. Dhananjay Amrale took a wonderful session on relationships.

Many villagers have to start at 7am to reach by 10am walking up to 4 Kms .As some villagers don’t even have a ST coming to their village we would like to pick them up

We give them tea and something interesting to eat. It costs Grampari  Rs. 3000 per programme. So far a month it is Rs. 12,000/- and for a year Rs. 1,44,000/-approximate

If anyone feels like supporting this it would be gratefully received.

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