An effective replicable methodology has emerged and matured over the years and  Grampari team is well experienced in it. The team has the capacity to train others in replicating it.

                                                             OUR FINANCES

We need your help:

For Grampari to expand its impact to its maximum, we need Rs. 1.00 crore per year.

For our basic survival and continuing at the same pace, we need Rs. 30.00 Lakhs per year.

Particulars Budget
Salary Rs. 25,00, 000/- (without additional staff)
Petrol and diesel bill Rs.    2,00,000/-
The minimum we needed to for some work in the villages Rs.   3,00,000/-
Total Rs. 30,00 000/- (Rupees thirty lacs only) per year

You can participate by donating/raising the following amounts:

Number Contributors/Donors Need per year (can this be committed?) Period of commitment:
15 2,00,000/- 5 years (Rajendra Gandhi committed)
6 5,00,000/- 5 years
2 15,00,000/- 5 years



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