About Us

Grampari is a programme of Initiatives of Change (in.iofc.org) which, for the last 40 years, has held trainings on values based leadership development in Panchgani, Maharashtra and has enabled people to become powerful agents of change via personal transformation. As the rural initiative of IofC, Grampari envisions a just and sustainable society for all and works to create this vision by building the capacity of rural society through thoughtful, innovative and community led programs in livelihoods, health and environment, empowerment and local governance.

“We envision a just and sustainable society for everyone. To us, that means that everyone has a voice and a place in the India of the 21st century. We think that economic growth must be inclusive and that everyone should have access to opportunity.”

How we work

We are not a charity organisation. We work in a participatory manner with our rural constituents. In other words, we facilitate programmes which are designed, implemented and maintained by the community. In this way project ownership is created at the grassroots level and thus programmes are more sustainable in the long term due to the vested interest of the community. Our focus is on development – not charity.

Who we are
We are people from all segments of society, including engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists and farmers. But it is not about who we are – it is about what we believe. We endeavor to ‘be the change we want to see in the world’ and to inspire others to become agents of change in this same spirit.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Chandni says:

    How can i become part of this endeavour.

  2. Milind Bhoot says:

    Grampari seems like the center of people likeminded to me. This group looks so well organized in thoughts and action. Our convictions are so strikingly similar.
    I visit a village once a month as a Gram Guru.
    What is the right time for me to drive down to Grampari and stay there for a day or two to interact with a lot of people.

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