The main thrust of Grampari’s watershed work is on protection and recharge of springs through a community based approach. Funded by Bangalore based foundation ARGHYAM Grampari works with villages in the area on springs management for drinking water security in the Western Ghats through community participation.

Grampari also works with The Springs Initiative which is working to promote awareness of the importance of springs and to build capacities to protect and develop springsheds across the country. The Springs Initiative is currently working with 11 organisations active all over India.

Community members are welcome to visit our campus where we run workshops on a variety of practical subject areas including Rainwater Harvesting, Organic Farming, Composting, Mulching and the use of Natural Fertilizers.

Our Watershed programme teaches conservation practices to community groups, other NGOs and individuals interested in better yields and sustainable ecosystems. We also assist villagers to protect and preserve their water sources by building and maintaining spring boxes and recharging ground water.

With the support of NABARD, we are doing a pilot programme on ‘Springshed based Watershed Development Programme’ in three villages in Jaoli block of Satara district. The total treatable area of the project is 300 Ha.

Recently our team built 3 Gabion Structures in Ruighar village with the help of  villagers. The youth residing in Mumbai contributed for the Galvanised Iron Mesh and the Grampari team provided technical know-how. The youth played a vital role in completing the work.

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